The T.V. Interview, the Daily Mail Article, the Closer UK Interview and My BBC Radio 4, Today Program Interview About My Reformed Bullying Behavior *TRIGGER WARNING*

On April 17, 2018, Jenna Barnes of KSDK Channel 5 News interviewed me about my bullying.

‘I would just pounce’ | Cyberbully reveals identity, why she targeted strangers

This is the article about my bullying published May 9, 2018 on the Daily Mail:

“I have so much regret”

Since then, I continued to work hard on healing my mental illness issues.
Recently, Closer Magazine from the UK included my input on the UK the Instagram influencer known as Mother of Daughters, Clemmie Hooper, being outed as an internet troll in the print’s article version of the Closer from the UK:

On BBC Radio4, Today Program, 12/24/2020:

Christmas Eve Interview on My Reformed Trolling Behavior

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