What I Am Doing to Get Myself Out of Poverty and Off of Welfare

Never once in my entire life did I ever think I would become disabled, plus struggle with depression or complex ptsd.

I have always been able to work, even working 2 and 3 jobs at a time.

I always thought I could work.

I was wrong.

I have spent over these last 10 years doing everything I can do to get myself out of poverty and off of welfare,

focusing on what work I can do: write about my recovery since I have been sober now 13+ years.

Starting with my biggest obstacle, which is crippling chronic fatigue, I have tried everything to better that.

So far, the two things that have helped me have been working on healing the issues that fuel my depression and complex ptsd, plus I take supplements.

Over the years, I have seen tiny bursts of energy, but they are there. I can feel them and they add up.

About the supplements, I take several.

They are:

Purely Inspired All in One Meal Replacement, a thyroid supplement, a women’s daily vitamin, and Omega three, plus all the vitamins.

What I live, I write about. If I can get myself out of poverty and off of welfare, I will write about that process, hoping to help others like me do the same.

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