Why Gratitude

If you struggle with anxiety, stress, depression, or anything that contributes to you having negative thoughts, practising gratitude can bring balance to your thinking.

I know this for two reasons: the first is I know this firsthand because I practise gratitude daily and have since 12-13-2012.

Second, scientists have done research on this and have found that gratitude will rewire a person’s brain.

WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT??????

Consider this very simple explanation: If you have a glass of tea that tastes bitter, you add sugar or whichever sweetener you use to change the taste.

When our thoughts are consistently negative, adding positive thoughts daily will change the negative environment to positive.

I found this helpful and amazing to experience. The change happened slowly, so I wasn’t aware it was happening until I sat down and thought about it. Being happy is easier!!

So, this is what I did: Beginning on February 13, 2012, I blogged every day about one thing I was grateful for.

I was breathing, my limbs worked, I could walk, I had a roof over my head, etc. If you want to be grateful for over one thing a day, that’s outstanding!!

I encourage you to do what suits you. 

My life works much smoother now than it did. I still have problems but I focus on my resources now and am pulling them together to better my life.

If you like, you can see what I blog about here: My Daily Gratitude

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